iBeacon technology

Your in-store presentations made even more attractive, interactive and its successes measurable. All of this is now possible due to the integration of iBeacon and Apps.

The sensor continuously sends out a unique signal. When this signal is picked up by an App on a smartphone, the App responds with sending out a tailored message.

The iBeacon sensor notices everything that goes on around it. This combined with an App, makes it possible to registrar exactly how long a visitor was standing in front of the presentation, how many people have seen it and a whole lot more information.

To you as an entrepreneur, all of the gathered information could be very valuable.

The data could be used to accomplish the desired goal, which is to achieve the full reach in getting your product known within its target audience.

This technology can be integrated into any of our in-store presentations. A unique, interactive but above all innovative way to intrigue the visitors even more and achieve your goal.