Our story

After many decades of experience in retail and in-store solutions, Retail Communications has been founded. We are a highly motivated team that has worked for many years in retail, we create a solution from the consumer’s point of view. We are specialized in creating customized and unique in-store experiences for brands in different types of areas. From cosmetics to home electronics and from beverages to fashion. Since we produce in Poland, we can work with unique materials that we are specialized in now: metal, wood and plastics.


We sell a unique in-store experience for your brand.


Our strengths:
– PRECISELY: we work very precisely, each (small) detail is important. Our experts are dedicated and sophisticated
– UNIQUE: you require, and we do the rest. We analyse the market and with our huge passion for retail and experience we feel what will make the difference for your brand
– TRUST: we work on long-term relationships with our partners


Retail Communications makes all the solutions possible for Europe.


SEDEX | SMETA certified (6.0)
Since we have high values for understanding the working conditions, we are SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) certified. It assesses a position based on our organization’s standard of labour, health and safety, business ethics, and environment. These are the key areas for assessing an organization’s responsibilities such as business practices.


This social audit enables us to assess our suppliers, monitor health and safety for workers, and signal zero tolerance of human rights abuses such as child/forced labour.

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