We can only reach the consumer if the communication material reflects the identity of your brand. Approach us with a query and we customize your solution. Retail Communications works with unique presentation material for in-store displays, for different type of sectors, such as the hotel and catering sector. We are concerned not only with how to present the products, but also with the effectiveness of the presentation.

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A neglected part of communication material is shelf presentation. However, it is one of the most important positions on the shop floor. To achieve maximum communication with the consumer, your shelf presentation has to be outstanding. This is because a large proportion of purchasing decisions are made in the shop, in front of the shelves.


At Retail Communications, we always search for innovative ways of making sure your product or brand stands out. One possibility is to magnify specific characteristics, while another is to work with small details that subliminally stimulate emotion and recognition in shoppers. We give shape to your message.

Signing is the term we use for all products aimed at visual communication. This is an ideal tool for that little bit of extra brand experience. It can fit almost any budget and can be provided in any size for any shop, hotel or catering establishment.


We develop the widest possible signing range for your brand. Examples are cushions, mugs, menu card holders, planters, delivery crates for bicycles, and signboards. We are filled with enthusiasm when we are given the chance to imagine new concepts.

An important part of the  shop floor  is the counter display. Contrary to what the name implies, this type of communication material can be positioned throughout the shop. The counter display is an attractive tool for introducing and presenting new products.


At Retail Communications, we design a variety of presentation materials. We like to seek interaction with shoppers. Using counter displays, we can put your product under the spotlight – sometimes quite literally. An ideal point of sale and the optimal moment to attract the shopper’s attention, it lets you invite your consumer to try out the product, as it were,

By floor presentation we mean every type of communication material that you can place on the floor, for example display columns, stands and shelves.


The interesting feature of this type of advertising is that in most cases shoppers are guaranteed to come across such displays in the shop. We ensure that your product is the centre of attention, while also fitting in with the retailer’s policy, house style and dimensions.

Shop-in-shop has become an integral part of today’s shopping environment. The relatively tame communication materials of the past have made way for today’s innovative presentation possibilities. These can be complete theatrical presentation islands in which your brand looks its best.


Creating a complete shopper experience is what our work is all about. Our aim is to make it clear at a glance that your brand is the centre of attention.

All the products that we cannot – or don’t want to – put into a particular category are what we call specials. And the best specials don’t just appear out of nothing – for us they are a creative quest for the most innovative communication materials that are aligned with your brand.


One possibility is a useful everyday item bearing your logo.

We bet this will enhance your visibility.

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