Influencer box



Let us be clear, we are always enthusiastic about beautiful communication material. But sometimes you have certain projects that make you want to get out of bed early. A display or special that gets the creative juices flowing. Our influencer box can be one of those too. This is all about experience. Luxury. Appearance. A unique way to present products to the target group. Suitable for influencers, unboxers or sales representatives. This is the best possible customisation available.

Inspiration is the keyword
A unique gift box or a luxurious presentation that you can simply carry under your arm. Whatever you use the box for: it inspires. Because when we do it, we do it right. Trust us, have an influencer unbox one of our boxes, and the audience will be on the edge of their seats. A box that also lasts a long time, because we can produce it from different materials like wood, metal or plastic. Can we get started for you? We can’t wait.