Sustainable Displays



Eco-friendly marketing solutions 

Our goal is to create an interaction between brand and consumer by combining emotion, inspiration, and design. With every step we take, we look for the most eco-friendly option that is possible. Whether it is the packaging, material, construction, or transport. We always advise our customer with the most sustainable solution possible. Being sustainable goes beyond using recycled materials such as PET.

The shopper instore is becoming more environmentally aware. Globally, shoppers are finding it increasingly important to live sustainable. Moreover, the consumer is influenced by your marketing activities. If you want to be sustainable, and eco-friendly, then you must reflect this in your marketing communications. Therefore, it is very important to use sustainable displays.

At any time of the day, we are busy developing new concepts that are both ecological and consumer-friendly. We conceptualize and develop POS materials with the DNA of your brand and through the eyes of the shoppers. If the environment is becoming important for your brand and for your consumers, then you should think about sustainable displays.


Reduce your ecological footprint (and make a positive impact)

There are several things that you can do as a person to reduce your ecological footprint. However, as a marketeer of retailer you can reduce this for your brand as well. How? By using sustainable displays, that you can use for a longer period or that you re-use for a different product.

For example, an eco-friendly display that is flat packed helps a lot. Or a tool that turns your single-use display into a multi-use display. We are happy to share two best performance examples.


Eco-display flat packed; save on C02 emissions that get lost

The eco-display is our most sustainable brand activation solution. It is made of plywood (FSC) that can be (re)used for approx.. 2 years on the retail floor. Besides, it is flat packed that allows us to save on the C02 emissions that get lost during transport. Furthermore, you cut the transport-related costs as well.

From single-use to multi-use display; save on waste & C02 emissions

Many floor presentations are single-use displays. We believe in the perfect eco-display solution where we can transport a single-use display into a multi-use retail display. How? By building a basis-display with changeable branding. This makes it easy to have a permanent floor presentation on the retail floor where the marketing manager can influence consumers with quarterly offers or different products.


Are you ready to make a difference with sustainable displays?

What if we can help you boosting your brand’s sales in an eco-friendly way? What if we can help you reducing your transport-related costs and C02 emissions that get lost during transport and production? What if we create the perfect brand activation solution for your brand?

Contact us and we will share our thoughts with you. Book an introduction call.