The reopening of the stores..

A little bit closer to freedom is how many of us would describe it. The feeling that you can just go to the store, whenever you want too. The feeling for the staff instore, the ‘restarting’ allows them to see customers, help them, and mostly important: have their job back. Furthermore, It is not a secret that safety is mostly important, especially instore. However, we all forget what is important for the retailer as well: how to increase sales in retail stores now it is reopening?

Online vs. offline shopping

Due to the pandemic, many shoppers went from offline to online shopping, which is not surprising since many retail stores have been closed. Many shoppers have experienced how easy it can be to purchase online. However, it is not the case for every shopper. Many shoppers still prefer offline shopping because of a few advantages. Shoppers instore benefit from the convenience of trying the product, to be outside, to have fun with friends, and the ease of having the product on the same day.

To be honest, we have all been waiting for the reopening of the stores, especially the retailers. For the retailer and retail marketeer it is not only about the reopening, but about attracting the shopper instore, in order to drive sales.

It is all about customer experience

As a retail marketeer, you look differently to the retail store. You look differently to the shelves, communications instore, directions, outstanding point-of-sale materials, and other instore activities. During the pandemic and even now with the reopening of the stores many articles say: retail is dead. Let’s be clear, retail is not dead. What retail misses, is customer experience instore to attract the shopper’s attention. From what we see, after the reopening of the stores, is that many retail stores kept their old structure instore with old or simple instore communication. This is not crazy, since the doors were closed. However, this is the perfect timing to create new concepts to attract the shopper instore. There should be a trigger for the shopper to choose your brand!

What can be a trigger for shoppers?

There are a few triggers that may attract the shopper’s attention instore, such as, sustainability, visibility, and clear communication. During the pandemic there have been changes in customer behaviour, customers have become more aware of health and the environment. Did you know? The IBM study showed that 8 in 10 respondents indicate that sustainability is important for them.

The reopening of the stores will make it easy for customers to shop again, however, the distance is still needed instore due to safety. Therefore, it is important as a brand to guide your shopper easily through your products with the help of visibility and a clear communication. What is your message? Why should the shopper buys product X, and not Y, or Z? Therefore, it is really important to have attractive and clear communication on your brand shelves or throughout the store.

Reopening of the retail stores means new ways to attract the shopper

New ways to attract the shopper’s attention in the retail store:

  • Sustainability: rethink of new concepts that are sustainable and communicate this. As a brand or retailer you can choose for recycled materials for instore communication, or for a totally new eco-friendly system. For example, the Eco-display that can be attractive and colourful as well, with many more advantages. Please, find our blog for more information about the Eco-display with some examples.
  • Visibility: use signing materials throughout the store for that little bit of extra brand experience. Imagine a shopper entering the store with no idea what s/he really wants to buy. An outstanding signing communication material can attract the shopper to look for your brand instore.
  • Clear communication: guide your customer through your brands and products. Imagine a customer walking through the store to buy a cream from your brand. The reopening of the stores has safety rules as well and it is not that easy to try out every cream. An attractive shelf presentation with clear communication is therefore, important. Shelf strips and shelf talkers can be used as the perfect communication guidance for the shopper. This helps the shopper to make the right product choice.

Am I too late for the reopening?

You are never too late, it is always good to think ahead and not think you are too late to make any changes. The reopening and changes in consumer behaviour obliges all of us to think about new concepts to attract the shopper’s attention instore. Let’s plan a brainstorm session together to find what works best for you (entirely voluntary).

See our solutions page for more brand activation ideas.