How the eco-display can be game changing for brands and retailers

Have you ever asked yourself the question why we use so many plastic material for food, drinks, packaging, and communication material? Why it is still not possible in every country to recycle cans? There are many answers such as, logistics, price, hygiene, usability, etc. We all strive for sustainability, however, we have to start by ourselves. That is the reason why we want to highlight the eco-display in this blog.

Recycle or rethink?

The Coca Cola Open event 2021 has provided us some insights about the world of sustainability and how it can be game changing and challenging for brands. It can be game changing because you will be doing something new. Will the consumer like the idea? Will it still be profitable? However, it can be challenging as well because you have to consider two things; recycle or rethink? Recycle: reflect on current concepts, how to make it more sustainable. Rethink: create a totally new concept. At this moment, where sustainability and becoming more aware is important, it is a good time to create a totally new concept. For that reason, we have created the eco-display.

What is sustainable about the eco-display?

As a company you are consistently looking for ways to boost the sales. The point-of-sale display is a perfect solution to boost the brand’s sales, for example with an outstanding floor display. Imagine having a permanent eco display that is sustainable, attractive, and, easy to transport. That is exactly what we have created. Our eco-display is made from plywood (FSC), with a flat package, and, without any plastics.

Unique selling points:

– Made from plywood (FSC) that can be customized and reused for months on the retail floor (permanent display)

– Since it can be used for a longer period, there will be less CO2 emissions (compared to cardboard)

– Save on logistics and environment, cutting the transport-related costs and emissions. The eco display is packed in a flat package that needs less space (min. 25 pcs on a pallet)

– Capable of holding 45kg per shelf (product loading)

– Assembling within 4 minutes without tools and fasteners

The eco display will be game changing in boosting sales. It is not challenging for the companies anymore, we have already created the new concept.

From idea to product

Sustainability is becoming more and more important, also for our industry. After many years of experience in retail and communication materials, we have learned a lot. Again, sustainability is not easy. It should be attractive, usable, and, hygienic. Even transport should be easy. That is why we have created an attractive eco display, using plywood (FSC) with a flat package. The flat package makes transport easy since more displays will fit within one shipment. This directly has an influence on the logistic costs and environment.

Find our 6-step proccess where we explain how we work.

Looking for customized designs?

We do not have any standard displays on stock. We conceptualize and produce all our displays with the DNA of the brand/retailer and through the eyes of the customer. The eco display can be produced in different sizes and colours. Challenge us with a query! We analyse the market for you and we look for the best opportunities. We guarantee the smiling factor for your brand.

Let’s get in touch and have a brainstorm session together.