Counter display



A counter display is a fantastic tool to quickly grab the shopper’s attention. That’s why it’s called counter presentation or cash register display. We see it as the unique reinforcement for products on counters and tables. But don’t let the name distract you. You can place this throughout the store to attract attention. If you opt for a good counter display, impulse purchases will increase and so will your turnover.

Increased interaction
Touch, feel and interact with it: these are three important factors when purchasing a product. With a counter display you invite the customer to look at the product and try it. To touch it. Or better said: to experience it. A counter presentation is a great way to present a product to the shopper. Introduce a new product or add it as a bonus to another product. It’s POS material that encourages interaction.

A counter display saves space. A retailer can therefore easily place the display on the counter, without it getting in the way. You can also easily move it. At the entrance, the cash register or at the end of a walking route: you name it. The advantages of this display are huge. How about the following advantages:

  • Draws immediate attention
  • Flexible in terms of shape, material and characteristics
  • Convenient positioning: can be placed anywhere
  • Subconsciously creates a customer need
  • Leads to impulse buys
  • Ideal for smaller products

Counter presentation material
We create and produce displays from different materials. In our view, a good display is only really successful if it fits seamlessly with your brand. That, as well as the use of the display. As an example, you can’t display a heavy item on a paper holder. Just like you don’t show an eco-friendly product on a plastic tray. It should all fit together seamlessly. And we know how to do this. The right counter display increases brand recognition, enhances the interaction and stimulates impulse purchases.