Floor presentation



All the communication material that you can place on the shop floor is referred to as floor presentation or standing displays. Think big: cabinets, shelves, columns. Basically everything that the buyer encounters. Or walks around. Complete attention to the product. Floor presentation is a wonderful way to present products, completely in your house style and budget.

The power of floor displays
There are floor displays everywhere you go. Not surprising, because they stand out in a big way and they provide additional information about the product and the brand. If you use a powerful floor display, you benefit from an extra point-of-sale. Floor presentation stands on its own: you can place it anywhere on the shop floor. Naturally, your preference goes out to busy areas or aisles. You often see this type of communication material near the cash register. And that’s a smart move, because they are the perfect seducers to quickly encourage an impulse buy.

Look, look, buy
A standard floor presentation does not work. The trick is to be original. People shop day in, day out. They know now what the store looks like and what items are located on which shelves. And then suddenly, from one day to the next, they encounter a beautifully designed display. Also filled with interesting products that invite the eye. Believe us: the shopper will stop in their way. Boom: interaction!

Customised floor presentation
At Retail Communications we are crazy about custom-made standing displays. Tell us what you are looking for and for which product it is, and the wheels in our heads will immediately start turning. We make everything. And by everything, we really mean from start to finish. Floor displays with shelves, swivel presentations, digital floor displays, large dispensers. Big, small, striking, inviting, unique. And all of this in wood, metal, plastic, cardboard or a combination of the above. Challenge us. We prefer to show you what we can do.