Looking for recognition on the shop floor? Something that announces your brand’s presence? Then what you’re looking for is signing. Possibly one of the most important parts of your communication strategy. When done correctly, it draws the customer to the right shelf. We refer to all products aimed at visual communication as signing. Light signs, branding blocks, cushions and much more: it is the tool for extra brand experience.

Increase your brand recognition
Big, small, crooked or straight: however crazy you can imagine it…signing fits into every budget. It is the best way to communicate your company name, without paying attention to an isolated product. Signing has everything to do with recognition. With emotion. And with the DNA of your company. And it can be done anywhere: in a shop, hotel or catering facility.

Suited to an omni-channel strategy
Although more and more customers start their search online, the majority of purchases still take place in the store. Then let the two reinforce each other. Signing fits with a strong omni-channel strategy. We know how to bridge the gap between the online experience and the physical version of this, using the right communication. Tell us what you need and we’ll connect your brand with potential buyers.