Store shelves



The shelf is the way to make contact with the shopper. Are you not visible on the shelves? Then you won’t sell. It’s as simple as that.

Shelf presentation is often neglected. Online products are highlighted as much as possible in terms of image and text. But offline it would appear this is of less importance. If you ask us it’s a missed opportunity. Because if anything has become clear in recent years, it’s the importance of communication. The rapid rise of online channels means good shelf presentation in the store is more essential than ever. It steers the customer to the right product and increases visibility. Perhaps most important of all: it increases sales.

Highlight your brand to drive sales
Structured shelf presentation helps retailers and manufacturers. But above all: it is of value to the customer. The design of the shelf presentation has a (subconscious) influence on shopping behaviour. Many purchasing decisions are made in the store. And although the retailer usually selects the location of the display, you as a brand determine the presentation of the products on the display. In addition, consumer buying behaviour is influenced by shelf visibility. Someone is more likely to consider a product if it’s in the spotlight.

The perfect shelf presentation
Tell us what you’re looking for, we’ll create the shelf presentation your company or brand needs. Visually appealing and informative. With or without tester. A QR code with a text or mood image to evoke emotion. Round, square, octagonal or a self-designed shape. Do you have an idea in mind? Then we guarantee that we can make it.

Tailor-made store shelving
Every brand has its own story. And we promise to tell you that story in-store. We therefore look for innovative ways to make a brand or product stand out. This can be done, for example, by going big and highlighting specific characteristics. Or by focusing on subtle details that trigger emotion and recognition. One thing is certain: what we create and produce is fully aligned with the DNA of your brand.