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‘We want a new brand activation on the retail floor’, ‘but we do not know what the solution exactly is for our brand’. Good to hear that you want to have a new activation on the retail floor. However, do you know what the needs of your brand are? The answer: yes, we need to attract the shopper’s attention instore for that little bit extra customer experience, oh, and we want more sales. Say no more! We have created a 6-step process that helps transform your brand’s needs into a successful brand activation. We will discuss the steps in this blog.

Brand activation explained

Brand activation can be explained as the process of making the brand known to people, increasing awareness, and engagement through some kind of brand experience. However, this does not only apply to new brands, but also to existing brands. If a brand wants to rebrand, introduce a new product, or highlight the brand instore, brand activation will be the perfect solution. Moreover, it has an effect on shoppers, such as, switching people’s minds over the brand and making them aware of it. Furthermore, it unconsciously affect the shopper to make a decision about the brand/product when standing in front of an outstanding brand activation, such as signing or a counter display.

There are many brand solutions that can help the brand, such as, floor displays, shelf communication, counter displays, signing, and many other outstanding point-of-sale materials. However, it depends on the brand’s need what the perfect communication material should be.

Furthermore, to have a successful brand activation, we have to follow a few steps. For that reason, we have developed our 6-step process.

Step 1: Market analysis

First of all, we start with a brainstorm session together with our client. What is it that your brand need? Where do you want to have the brand activation? What is the DNA of your brand? What are your ideas and what can we exactly do for you?

Once we have an idea, our retail marketeer starts with a market analysis to search for the trends and developments. What is mostly important in this stage: what is really happening on the retail floor? We will visit a few stores to see what happens on the retail floor. How does the customer react, and how are other brands positioning themselves?

Step 2: Concept & Design

After the market analysis, marketing, project management, and design will sit together to come up with a few ideas. The brand needs a bit more experience instore and want to boost its sales. However, the retailer is full of brands. How can this brand attract the shopper’s attention? We will look for the solution that fits with the brand, retailer, and customer. For example in this case, signing material and a floor presentation.

We will create the ideas with the DNA of the brand and through the eyes of the customer. Therefore, the use of materials is very important. What material can be used for the construction? Is it in line with the brand and retailer?

We will share the concept with our client. Does the concept of the brand activation sounds like a plan? Are there any points that are important? With this information our designer will make a few 3D renderings.

Once the 3D rendering is approved by the client, our project managers will go to the next step.

Stap 3: Development

In this stage, we will discuss if there are any changes. Our team will transform the artwork and 3D design into a technical drawing.

Again, we will share this with our client for a double check. Perhaps, any adjustments are needed. We all know how marketing can be changing every day!

Step 4: Prototype

Yes, the technical drawing is approved! We can develop a prototype. This allows us all to see what the end product will look like. With this, we can prepare every detail for production and fine tune where necessary. Furthermore, the client can test the prototype on the retail floor.

Once the prototype is approved, we will start with the production.

Step 5: Production

The brand activation projects are in production!

With our production facilities in Europe we can guarantee real-time production and delivery. Our project managers will keep a close eye on the production. We have high values for safety and quality!

Step 6: Logistics

To know for sure that everything will be delivered in good order, we take care of the warehousing and distribution. Wherever in Europe, we are happy to take logistic tasks off your hands.

When it is delivered we always stay in touch with our client for feedback and further projects.

Why is brand activation so important, especially now?

The retail industry has been changing, many shoppers went from offline to online shopping. As a brand you have to attract the shopper’s attention instore in order to drive sales. Did you know that 70% of the purchase decisions are made after customers enter the store? That is exactly the reason why it is important to have outstanding point-of-sale materials.

Are you looking for new brand activation projects, but you do not really know where to start? Or do you have an idea and are you looking for a partner to conceptualize and produce it for you? We are happy to be of service.

Book a meeting with us to discuss the possibilities, entirely voluntary.

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