The power of a window display is turning people who passes a store, into customers. But, how? With an outstanding, well-thought out, and inviting plan.. Furthermore, it has to fit your brand and/or store. The perfect window display could result in a passer-by to enter your store, where they may have walked past in the first place. With other words: it attracts people from the outside to enter the store and generating more sales inside. Moreover, this explains why it is important to start your offline marketing activities from the outside.

What is a window display?

A window display, also shop window, can be described as a grouping of merchandise in a retail establishment’s storefront area. It is used for displaying items, and designed to attract people to the store. Moreover, when shop windows are used correctly, it serves as an invaluable tool for generating interest in a brand and its products. Moreover, it sets the tone for the retail experience that will be proved instore. All retailers, in all industries, should have eye-catching window displays in order to drive traffic, and sales into their stores.

Is there a best type of window display to use?

There are many types of window displays, and none of them are better than others. This is not a marketing activity with ‘one size fits all’, it is all about a tailor-made solution. Furthermore, it has to be in line with your brands and products, otherwise it does not make any sense. It also depends on the store, customer base, location, and budget.

To optimize your shop windows, visual merchandising techniques have to be considered to maximise the number of people it attracts to enter the store. For example, the use of signing material, outstanding presenter displays, and the use of LED lights, are effective ways of increasing the engagement within a shop.

How often do we have to change our shop window?

There is no rule of thumb for this activity. Usually the window display is changed at least every season. However, some brands choose to change it every month, it all depends on the brand image, products, budget, and experience. If we look back we see a few popular themes in almost every industry that comes back every year: Back to School, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day.

Is the window display in retail still necessary now people shop online?

It is correct that many shoppers went from offline to online shopping. However, there is still a group that enjoys going to the shopping street. This is exactly why it is important to invest in your shop window. To attract the people that are walking by to enter your store, and so, generating sales. If someone does not have the intention to enter your stores, but sees an outstanding presentation, it will invite him/her to just go inside. Therefore, if you do not invest in your window display, this person will walk by.

We are happy to assist you with a plan for a branded window, including all the visual merchandising assets that your brand/store need. Let’s have a cup of coffee together?