Increase your brand awareness with a small budget and a specific target audience.

In recent years, influencer marketing has grown tremendously. Companies are looking for ways to effectively bring their products or services to the attention of their target audience. An influencer box is a relatively new form of influencer marketing that is becoming increasingly popular. This involves companies partnering with influencers to promote their products. In this blog, we will discuss the 6 benefits of an influencer box.


  1. Increased brand awareness

One of the biggest benefits of an influencer box is that it can help increase brand awareness. An influencer box is a package of your products sent to an influencer. They then showcase these to his or her followers on social media. By partnering with an influencer, you get the chance to showcase your products to their followers and fans. This can lead to more awareness for your brand and a greater reach.

  1. Potential new customers

When an influencer promotes your products to his or her followers, it can lead to new customers. When someone follows an influencer, it means they are interested in the things they do or the products they recommend. Therefore, the genuine opinions an influencer gives about these products are seen as very trustworthy. Because they show your products to their followers, you increase the chances that they will be interested in your product and want to buy it. This could eventually lead to new customers and more sales.

  1. Cost-saving

An influencer box can be a cost-saving way to promote your products. Instead of paying an influencer to make a post about your product, give them a free sample of the product in exchange for a post. This can be much cheaper than paying an influencer for a post. In addition, the cost of creating and shipping the influencer box can also be covered by the sales generated by promoting the product.

  1. Authenticity

An influencer box can contribute to the authenticity of your products. If an influencer promotes a product that he or she has used themselves and is truly convinced of, it will have more credibility with their followers than if they simply post a paid post. By giving influencers a sample of your product and letting them experience for themselves how good it is, you increase the chances that they will be genuinely enthusiastic about your product. This can lead to more credibility and trust in your brand.

Influence = reach x authority x authenticity


  1. Market insight

An influencer box can also be valuable to gain insight into the market and how your product is being received by consumers. By working with influencers, you get an idea of how people react to your product and what aspects are most appreciated. This can help improve your products and marketing strategy. Before we start a project we always go storecheck and do a market analysis. Check out all our steps here.

  1. Increase brand loyalty

Brand loyalty is measured by intention to recommend the product, sensitivity to competitors and willingness to buy the product more and more often. Often, brand purchase intention increases first before consumers become loyal to a brand or product. So you can increase this buying intent by having influencers promote your product or brand via social media. You then increase loyalty toward the brand.


Using an influecer box has many advantages. With a small budget you increase your brand awareness with a large specific target group. Because of the reliability of this source, you will gain a lot of trust from the potential customers and thus increase your brand loyalty in the long run. Because of the targeted audience, you will also gain more insight into the market. All this with the use of an influencer box.

Sounds good? It is!

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