Which material to use?

A beer brand is looking for a new retail activation for the supermarket floor across nation. The brand is not sure if it wants a permanent *eco-display for two years or a temporary cardboard display 4 times a year, so 8 times in two years.

We have shown the brand the differences between the eco-display that is permanent on the retail floor for approx. 2 years vs. the cardboard display that is temporary on the retail floor for approx. two weeks.

Background information:
  • How many supermarket doors: 200
  • The period in weeks: 104 (2 years)
  • Eco-display: 1 needed for 104 weeks per store (packed in a flat package)
  • Cardboard display: 8 needed for 104 weeks per store (completely assembled)
  • How many pallets on a full size trailer: 32
Visualization of the differences:

* The eco-display is our unique patterned system. Empowered by Retail Communications

  • The eco-display has a better return on investment. With this permanent display the beer brand saves over 50.000,-
  • The eco-display creates much more visibility instore for the brand since it will be permanent on the supermarket floor for at least 104 weeks.
  • Less transportation needed for the eco-display, with this the brand saves on logistics and environment, cutting the transport-related costs and emissions. Furthermore, it saves on production as well. So, in overall there will be less CO2 emissions compared to the cardboard display.

Sustainability being the subject

We all need to change, brands, manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, and consumers. Bold ideas and rethinking of how industries and consumption work, but how?

First, what is sustainability? It concentrates on meeting the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Companies and the government are making public commitments to sustainability through actions such as, investing in renewable energy, reducing waste, reducing the use of plastics, and more. We are familiar with this type of actions.

However, what we all forget when we use cardboard floor displays, it that, it is only for approx. 2 or 3 weeks usable on the supermarket floor. This means that if a brand wants to have multiple cardboard displays a year, more production is needed, there is a higher amount of transport, that causes many CO2 emissions that get lost. Of course there are types of promotions that are temporary, such as, Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. But why should a brand choose for a cardboard display if it wants to promote its brand throughout the year? Well, the reason is that we all THINK that cardboard is more sustainable than other materials. However, this is definitely not always the case.

A reason why we have developed the eco-display, is to be more sustainable and to show how fun and effective it can be. We have recently posted a blog about this with all the advantages and a few examples.


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