How 1.500 retail displays from plywood (FSC) are more sustainable than cardboard (FSC)

A beverages & food brand is looking for permanent branding on the retail floor. However, it is important to have changeable branding tools. Why? To be able to change the branding and products every season. Therefore, It is important to find a solution for the brand that is sustainable, multi-usable, and with a good return on investment.

In this case study we will show you the differences between the eco-display that is made of plywood (FSC), and the cardboard-display (FSC), both with changeable branding options. How? By constructing a basic retail display framework with changeable branding. This creates a permanent presentation option on the sales floor where the marketing manager can draw customers’ attention by changing special offers or new products.

Background information:

  • 1500 stores, the brand needs 1.500 retail displays
  • With every season, the brand needs new branding
  • Permanent visibility on the retail floor for approx. 2 years
  • Sustainability is very important

We will compare two solutions in this case. Solution 1 eco-display from plywood (FSC) and solution 2 cardboard-display (FSC).


Solution 1 eco-display: plywood 6mm (FSC), 600mm x 400mm x 1600.
It is recyclable, with full colour printing, and customized dimensions.

Solution 2 cardboard-display: cardboard 7mm (FSC), 600mm x 400mm x 1600mm.
It is recyclable, with full colour printing, and customized dimensions.

Extra’s branding kit: including top card and sidewalls from cardboard 3mm (FSC).

Transport (one trailer = 32 pallets):

Solution 1 is packed in a flat package (1650mm x 450mm x 70mm). Therefore, it is possible to fit 20pcs on one pallet since it comes in a building kit. Moreover, you can build it within 4 minutes without tools and fasteners. The calculation for 1.500 plywood (FSC) retail displays divided by 20 pallets is 75 pallets in total. Therefore, the brand needs 2.3 trailers.

Solution 2 will be delivered fully assembled. Therefore, it is only possible to ship 4 retail displays on one pallet. The calculation for 1.500 cardboard (FSC) retail displays divided by 4 is 375 pallets in total. Therefore, the brand needs 11.7 trailers.

Lifetime value:

Solution 1: approx. 2 years. Which means that the brand needs only one display per store.

Solution 2: approx. 6 months. Which means that the brand needs 4 displays per store.

Calculator for one display:                                         Plywood                             Cardboard         

Avg. Display cost 1p.                                                     €100.-                                  €37,-

Avg. Assembling cost 1p.                                             €0                                         €7,50

Avg. Transport cost 1p (40,- for one pallet)           €2,-                                       €10,-

Total cost 1p.                                                                    €102,-                                  €54,50


Calculator for two years:                                            Plywood                              Cardboard

Avg. total costs 1500pcs for two years                  €153.000,-                           €327.000 (€81.750 x 4 times)

Trailers for 1500pcs for two years                           3                                             48 (12 x 4 times)


CO2-emissions that get lost during transport:

Did you know that on average A big trailer has a CO2 Parameter of 3,23KG CO2 / liter

(so imagine 48 trailers…)

Conclusions based on the above, when the brand wants a permanent retail display on the shop floor for two years:

  • The eco-display from plywood (FSC) is more sustainable than the carboard-display (FSC) since less transport is needed. Moreover, less production is needed. Therefore, the brand saves on the CO2-emissions that get lost during transport.
  • The eco-display has a better return on investment. It is correct that the price per piece is higher, however, it has a longer lifetime value. With that being said, the brand saves around €174.000,-
  • This means that the plywood version, so solution 1 is more sustainable and has a better return on investment compared to the cardboard version.

Do you want to know more about the eco-display, or do you want us to make a calculation for you? We are more than happy to help you with that. Send us an email at or call us ++31 (0) 853 03 84 99.

Let’s make point-of-sale displays more sustainable.