Only 7 weekends left until the Christmas weekend! Many people say it is the most wonderful time of the year. In our opinion it is, is it for you as well? Almost every street is lighted again and you can find decorated trees at every corner. The Holiday Season is very important for retailers since it is one of the most booming seasons regarding shopping behaviour. There are numerous shoppers worldwide buying gifts for their loved ones. Moreover, it is a very busy period for online as well as for offline shopping. Therefore, retailers need to know how to navigate their shoppers during the Holiday Season. We cannot deny that this year the situation is still different than in 2019. For that reason, it is important to know how your consumers behave, and how you can navigate them through your products and/or store. In this blog we will give you a few tips.

Current situation

Since the Holiday Season is rapidly approaching, it is important to have a plan. Many shoppers fear for products being sold out. Therefore, many shoppers will start earlier with buying their gifts, compared to other years. Last year many retailers faced their biggest fear, no products on stock. Therefore, it is very important to be prepared for the most busy time of the year.

Tip 1: Analyse your stock

What is your current stock level? How was your stock level last year during the Holiday Season? What are your best selling products? Make sure you have analysed your stock. It is not an issue anymore to have overstock, you can sell this throughout the year. These products can be sold as well as online as offline. Furthermore, it can be used for other marketing activities throughout the year. Be creative.

Tip 2: Invest in Brick-and-mortar stores

Last year the brick-and mortar (instore) sales was very successful. Surprisingly, 83% of the Holiday Season sales occurred instore in 2020, with a 25% increase in shopper yield year-over-year, according to the Waze Ads study. It is even better to bring shoppers through the doors during this season. Why? Because it is a huge benefit, shoppers spend more on impulse purchases instore. Did you know that 33% of the holiday purchases are impulsive ones?

Retailers and brands should invest more on instore marketing during the Holiday Season to attract the shopper’s attention. For example with lighted windows, seasonal displays, and other decorations. You have to encourage the shopper to visit your store, and to buy your products. Nowadays, it is very important to create a unique experience for consumers instore.

Furthermore, your brick-and-mortar store should be a safe place for shoppers, and for your employees. Therefore, it is good to discuss the rules with your team, and see what the opportunities are for instore. For example, set a capacity limit instore.

Tip 3: Make sure everyone knows you

Use all the marketing channels that are relevant for your brand/store. Your target group must know about you and about your offer during the Holiday Season. Therefore, it is important to use all marketing that is possible. Increase your online presence, many shoppers use online as an orientation tool. When shoppers know exactly what product they are looking for, they are more likely to buy it online. Go through the social media channels, email marketing, direct mail, and advertisement ideas to see what the best combination is to reach your target audience during the Holiday Season.

Besides, having amazing offers and promotions during the Holiday Season, there is another reason why shoppers choose your brand/store to buy gifts. And that is, your core values and brand messages. Consumers nowadays prioritize corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and ethnicity. Therefore, it is a perfect tool to highlight your values during the Christmas days. Make sure your brand identity is strongly reflected in persuasive point-of-sale materials or any other.

Are you ready for the Holiday Season of 2021?

We are. We hope you are too. We are full of ideas, that we are happy to share for sure. In case you would love to hear more about our ideas, please feel free to contact us.