how we do it


As passionate professionals, we are always on the lookout for the most innovative materials and techniques to ensure the best possible end result. Whether in our own factory or with selected partners, our aim is to offer the best solution within the agreed deadline and budget.


concept & design

We are often asked: ‘Can you come up with something?’, and that is exactly the kind of question we like to hear. We most definitely can come up with something, and that is just what we like so much about our job! Every product starts with an idea and culminates in a brand experience. We look at the world through the eyes of the shopper, research the latest trends and regularly study the shop floor. Apart from the functional characteristics of a product, the communication material must also be a perfect match for your brand. After our research, we shut ourselves away in our design studio and develop a custom-made solution.



Our production facility covers more than 3,000 m² and is equipped with the most advanced technologies. In addition, we collaborate with specialized production partners in Eastern Europe and Asia. Our project managers keep a close watch on everything and have a sharp eye for detail. To underline once again the most important factor: our production facilities and selected partners put us in a unique position. The range of products we can offer knows no limits as far as cost price, quality and capacity are concerned.



Now we get down to the physical work. Once the finished concept and the technical drawing have been approved, we develop a prototype. The prototype lets you see what the end product should look like and is your first chance to get to know your communication material. This method allows us to prepare every detail for production and we can also still fine-tune certain features. What is more, you can test the prototype on the shop floor.


logistics & warehousing

We are also happy to take warehousing and distribution tasks off your hands. Our logistics partners are active throughout Europe. We are of course well-acquainted with Track & Trace and product-specific order picking with automatic invoicing. We work with you in the search for the best solution within the logistical process of your communication material.

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