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Although it is often assumed, we have no standard products on which we just print your logo. At Retail Communications, we always design tailor-made solutions. We believe in personal contact. We kick off with a brainstorming session with you, in order to get the right feel for the product. You can expect this to produce a veritable shower of ideas: this is how we decide which is the right direction to move in. Our designers are experts at visualizing our combined thoughts. Thanks to their drawings, we can show you what we have in mind. You then give us feedback and we make any necessary adjustments. The sketch is transformed into a technical drawing for our production process. Our next step is to get working on the prototype and the last step is the logistical test. We carry out a road test by dispatching your communication material, looking at what state it is in when it arrives and how it is unpacked, and then evaluating the whole process.


technical drawing


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